Backup your all posts, pages, comments from Blogger to prevent losing content or data permanently in easy way. Backup file will help you to recover your genuine blog contents.

How to Backup Blog Content (Pages, Posts, Comments) from Blogger and Import to New Blog
You need to backup your Blog (with Posts, Comments) for 2 reasons:
  • To recover Posts, Comments deleted Blog by Blogger.
  • To transfer Blog Post with Comments to another Blog.
Blogger is the most popular free blogging platform offered by Google and easy to access what you have already gotten. Though Blogger offers many advantages that others blogging platform doesn’t support, it has few limitations like controlling blog. Blogger doesn’t offer full control to its user. If you neglect or violate any Blogger Terms and Conditions, Blogger has right to delete your Blog permanently without any notification and deleted blog must be cause of sorrow. 

Generally, if you abide by the following terms and conditions, I can ensure you that your blog won’t be deleted and I belief if you want to become enthusiast and professional blogger and make your career as it, you must be concern about this.
  1. Publishing adult content without enabling adult mode from Blogger Dashboard Setting.
  2. Publishing any content that remains child sexual abuse imagery, Pedophilia, Hate Speech, Crude, Violence, Harassment, Personal and confidential information, Illegal activities, Impersonating others.
  3. Promoting Regulated Goods and Services, Spam, Malware and viruses.
  4. Publishing any content that violates copyright.

After all, we should keep backup our valuable blog with posts and comments.  Because nobody wants to lost his/her blog.

To keep backup blog we should select weekly routine. You can do it in daily but it will be irritable, so suggest to do in weekly.

How to Backup blog contents from Blogger

Step-1: Go to Blogger Dashboard → Settings → Others
Then you will see the following figure.
Backup Blog Content  from Blogger and Import to New Blog

Step-2: Choose ‘Backup Content’.
N.B. ‘Import Content’ for importing your backup content when you need to import. But not now.
Step-3: After clicking a pop up box will be shown. Click ‘Save to your computer’. Then you will get an XML file to save. Save this file to your computer. Don’t edit or rename this file. Modified file mayn’t support when importing.
Back up content

How to Import backup blog contents to new created blog.

STEP-1: Similarly before go to Blogger Dashboard → Settings → Others. Now choose ‘Import Content

STEP-2: After clicking a pop up box will be shown. Before clicking ‘Import from Computer’ wait a while. Here you will see two option. 
Import content publish all imported posts and pages

First you have to verify that you are not robot by clicking on verification box.
Secondly, You will see a check button after robot verification box. If you want to publish the imported pages, posts. Comments instantly then you have to check this button, otherwise all contents will be unpublished (drafts).

STEP-3: After clicking ‘Import from Computer’  you will be redirected to your computer and upload your backup file. 

It will take few times. Wait and after few times it will be imported.

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