Custom Domain Email like make your email communication more professional and smart. If you buy hosting for email by default you can check, send from custom domain but it would be more easy to get the same access from Gmail account.
Add Custom Domain Email to Gmail and Check - Send Email Easily

It is good news that Gmail supports to add custom domain. As a result, you can send email to others  from your Gmail account but as your custom domain. Not only sending email as custom domain, you can also check email that sent to custom domain from Gmail.

This tutorial will help you to learn how to add custom domain email to Gmail account, send and check email that sent to custom email from Gmail account.

To get this access you must have a custom domain ( and you have to access of Webmail URL with IMAP, POP, SMTP Server, PORT. If you don’t have, contact with your domain provider. Generate those with username and password.

Step-1: Go to your Gmail Setting from the top-left corner.
Step-2: Click on Setting and click on ‘Account and Imports’ from the top tab option.
Step-3: Choose ‘Send Email As’ option and ‘Add Another Email Address
Step-4: After completing the previous steps by pop up box you may be requested to provide the followings:

User ID: Put your custom domain email address here.
Password: Put your password when you have created custom email.
Port: Put your Port number.
IMAP Server: Put your IMAP Server address here.
POP Server: Put your POP Server address here.
SMTP Server: Put your SMTP Server address here.
Webmail URL: Put your Webmail URL here.

Step-5: Filling the pop box with the correct information, an email will be sent by Gmail Team to your Gmail account with confirmation code like:

“You have requested to add to your Gmail account.
Confirmation code: 555555

Before you can send mail from using your Gmail
account (, please click the link below to confirm your

Follow those instructions.

Step-6: You may have to verify from Webmail.

Check mail from other accounts: Similarly the previous method you have to complete the steps after touching the ‘Check Mail From Other Accounts’.

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I hope you have added your custom domain email address to your Gmail account. If you have any problem, don’t feel hesitate to ask me.

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