Keeping secure INTERNET browser is the most important thing nowadays to make sure online privacy and safe computer data. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera whatever type of INTERNET browser we use, if we follow the 7 tips, we can keep secure and safe our online privacy and computer data.
7 Ways to Keep Secure and Safe Web Browser

1. Update your Browser: Updating INTERNET browser is the most important to keep secure browser. So try to be updated with browser update notification.

2. Clear cookies: Cookies are used to track your browser through some code in your home directory. So it is the weak of your system beside browser. Clear cookies after browsing.

3. Configure browser security and privacy: Before browsing you should to determine what kind of data and permission you want to share with INTERNET. So configure your browser security and privacy from browser setting.

4. Be alert on installing add-ons or browser plug-ins:
We ofter install different plug-ins (Add-ons, Extensions etc.). But keep in mind before installing them that every plug-ins may not be safe. So avoid installing browser plug-ins.

5. Use Firewall: Firewall will help you to make a building between your computer and another computer. If you configure others can’t communicate with your computer without your permission. Using Firewall will increase more security and privacy.

6. Update your operating system:
Beside keeping update your browser, you should keep update your system.

7. Avoid clicking on shorten URL:
We often see shorten URL to click in social site. Before clicking on it you should be alert that there have the probability to contain fishing or masking URL behind this shorten URL. So be alert.

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