I am afraid and astonished about Facebook hacking. Many of my Facebook friends are victimized by losing their Facebook account to others hand. When the friends and followers get the sexual or harassed posts and message from this hacked account, really it is bullshit and worrying. But I am astonished why that to think how a Facebook account/ID be hacked if we be conscious about our account and its activity.
How to protect Facebook Account from Hacking

Before starting the tips, you should know that hackers don’t hack without your permission.

So lets know how to protect your Facebook account from hacking.

If you follow the 3 tips your Facebook account won't be hacked.
  • Don’t allow to remember password in browser. Because hacker can get your password from your browser with accessing cookies and browser history. So try to clear cookies and don’t permit to remember password in browser.
  • Don’t click on shorten URL from Facebook. Shorten URL may be work as mask or phising link that may harm your Facebook account. If it is crying need to click then enlarge URL from INTERNET before clicking on it. 
  • Don’t sign up again if you logged out automatically after visiting a new link that appears like Facebook. It is phising website to get your password with email/phone. This is the perfect way to hack Facebook account.

Build more stronger Facebook account

The following option will help you to protect your Facebook account with stronger privacy and controlling.

Go to Facebook Setting.

Make Strong Password: Make strong password with the combination of characters, alphabets, numbers. Example: $sfjUR777a>

Add verified email and phone number: Add email and phone to your Facebook account then verify those to Facebook can communicate and send important notification about your profile.

Keep secure Browser: Keeping secure browser is one of most important issue to prevent hacking and losing resources from your phone and online account. Here is the tips how to keep secure and safe your browser.

Active Login Alerts: If you active login alerts, whenever will be tired to be logged in your Facebook account you will get an alert on your email and phone. For that logging from unfamiliar phone or browser will be impossible without your permission.

Add trusted contact: If your Facebook account be lost or hacked this option will help you to recover your account. So add the most trusted account with your Facebook account. You can add 3 to 5 your Facebook friend as your trusted account.

Remove Connected Apps: We often engage with different interesting Facebook apps. But it may harmful if we are not be conscious about trusted application by Facebook author. If your account be connect with untrusted app, then remove them. I recommend try to “Turn Platform Off”.

Change the setting of tagging: Enable the review option of tagging on your time-line as no one can   tag you without your permission. It will help you to unnecessary tagging.

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