Getting blue verified badge on Twitter will help you to be authentic to your Follower. I think it is not necessary to tell why you should verify your Twitter account. 😉
How to Verify Twitter Account Properly [Step by Step]

What kind of account are verified by Twitter?

Twitter approve account thats are user in specially music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business. Account about others interest areas can be approved also.

Before submitting a request to verify you have to check the following condition. If one of them are not filled then complete it.

Confirmation user-name: Confirm your account user-name. Because after verification you will not be able to rename it. Make sure your user-name with your account name.

Verify phone number: Verify your phone number about your account.

Confirm email address: Confirm your email address.

Add bio: Add your bio-description.

Set profile photo: Set relevant and fresh profile photo to your account.

Set header photo: Set elegant, fresh and professional look header photo.

Birthday: Put your accurate birthday.

Add Website or Blog: Add your website or blog.

Set tweets as public: Set your tweet privacy as public.

Set Security: Set security (login verification).

Check connected apps: Go to Setting Apps and check connected apps. Revoke apps which may impact on Twitter security.

Opt out direct receive message: Setting → Privacy and safety→Direct message.

Uncheck to opt out direct receive message.

1. Go to Twitter Verification Form. You will see like below.
Request to verify twitter account
2.  Continue to next step. Then your will see the below.
request to twitter verified blue badge
If your account type is company, brand or organization then check otherwise it is not required.

3. Next to continue. You will see a form to fill with some information like below.
form to verify twitter account
It has two part to fill. First one to insert at least two website about your account and the second one to insert the exact reason why you need to verify your Twitter account. So this is the most important part and why you must to fill it accurately.

4. 'Next' to continue. You will see a review of your submission like below.

5. If you be confirm then click 'Submit' and you will be noticed as figure.
completion of twitter verificaiton
If you are eligible to get Twitter Blue Verified Badge then you will be noticed soon after reviewed by their team.

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