Learn How to Run Python in PyCharm Edu and print Hello World from this tutorial.

PyCharm Edu is highly recommended to create Python project, run Python program and it is free. You can install PyCharm Edu in Linux, Windows and Mac. This tutorial will tell you how to run Python Program in PyCharm.

To run Python in PyCharm Edu just follow the instructions of this tutorial are given below:

1. Launch PyCharm Edu
Launch PyCharm Edu IDE

2. 'Create New Project' from the above image.
3. Edit project name and create Python project in PyCharm Edu.
Create python project name
4. Create Python File. To create a python file under project right click on project name that you have created →New→Python File
Create Python File

5. Then you will see the following box. Give name your Python file and OK to confirm.
Create and name Python File

6. After completing creating python file, you are OK to edit and run your Python program in PyCharm Edu.

Example: We write a code to print "Hello World".
IDE environment of PyCharm Edu
IDE environment of PyCharm Edu
7. To run your Python program in PyCharm Edu put your code and save. Then click on green arrow key to run from the Tool bar.
where is the run option in pycharm edu

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