Hitting command line in terminal is just similar as commanding through magic wand what you have read in Harry Potter. So if you can command through your terminal, you are a wizard. Yes it is so funny and more than it is helpful wherever we can not do with mouse or touch pad.
Useful and Awesome Ubuntu Command Line You Need to Try
Before starting command open your terminal by Ctrl + Alt +T

Here is the most useful and interesting command.

show Calendar: Just type cal and enter.

Date: To see today run date and hit enter.

See the historical day with short description on the current month: Just type calendar and press enter.

Restart Ubuntu: Now to restart you Ubuntu system, it is not necessary to use mouse. just run the following command line.
sudo reboot

Power Off/Log out: Similarly you can make power off or log out by hitting the command.
sudo poweroff

Change Directory: To install application in Linux from compressed file we need to change directory. To change directory run the following command line.
cd {directory location}

Example: To change directory to Desktop run the following command:
cd Desktop

To back default directory run only cd.

Create new folder: You can create new folder easily with your terminal. To make it run this command.
mkdir {folder name}

Example: To make a folder named NewFolder, run the following command:
mkdir NewFolder

N.B You can change directory before creating folder to specify folder location.

show the list of folders and files: To see the list of folders and files within your current directory, run this command.
Example: If you change your directory to Home and then run the above command, you will see all the folder and files are shown on terminal.

Update/Upgread and both your system: You can update, upgrade or both your system by running command in terminal. See how to how to Ubuntu update and distro upgrade through terminal.

Run an installed application: To run an installed application just type the name (given in /bin directory) of application on terminal.

LibreOffice: Launch on LibreOffice through this command.

LibreOffice Writer: Launch on LibreOffice Writer through this command.

LibreOffice Calc: Launch on LibreOffice Calc through this command.

Sublime Text: Open Sublime Text Editor by running this command.
The following command will create a file hello.html and open it in Sublime Text Editor.
subl hello.html

Gedit: Open Gedit by running this command.
The following command will create a file hello.html and open it in Gedit Text Editor
gedit hello.html

Similarly  bluetooth-wizard for Bluetooth, codeblocks for CodeBlock,

Close the terminal: To close terminal just run

Clear the terminal: Clear terminal commands by

Sound Setting: For sound setting

Get all command: Run the following command.
ls ${PATH//:/ }
and press enter.
Now again run the following command to get this command in txt file at home page
ls ${PATH//:/ } > mycommands.txt

After entering go to home page and search for a file mycommands.txt and open it to see.

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