Great news ! Toady I have noticed that about 20 new, free, cool and professional Blogger themes have been launched officially. Just awesome themes, you need to try now and forever: Contempo, Notable, Soho, Emporio Blogger Themes or Templates are released by Google Blogger platform to induce enthusiast blogger.
These new and free Blogger themes that released in 2017 will satisfy you to keep blogging in Blogger platform.

20 New Free Pro Themes Launched in Blogger Officially 2017

Few days ago when Blogger 'template option' had changed into 'theme', I said it signifies more about the future of Blogger. Now it is proved that one of them is launching more dynamic and professional Blogger theme.

Whats are new features of new launched Blogger Theme?

  1. Cool and fresh Theme.
  2. Responsive theme.
  3. Professional Look.
  4. Custom toggle sidebar.
  5. Custom toggle social share.
  6. Custom dynamic hover effect search bar. 
  7. Scroll fixed header.
  8. Custom featured post.
New themes are categorized into four - Contempo, Soho, Emporio and Notable.

1. Contempo Blogger Theme

Contempo new blogger theme 2017
2. Soho Blogger Theme

soho new blogger theme 2017

3. Emporio Blogger Theme

Emporio new blogger theme 2017

4. Notable Blogger Theme

Notable new blogger theme 2017

How to install new Blogger theme?

To install new Blogger theme Follow the steps:

Step-1: Go to Blogger dashboard→Theme→scroll down and click on theme to choose.

Step-2: After choosing you will see a pop box and click on 'Apply Blog'.
You can customize by 'Customize' option.

Stay with Blogger. Hope it will introduce us with new world.

Download Free Responsive Simple Blogger Templates Now.


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