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How to Install Ubuntu Software from TAR File Via Terminal

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It is easy to install Ubuntu any software thats are compressed in .tar.gz , .tar.xz, .tar.7z etc format.Whatever any compress type format, you can install according to this tutorial.
How to Install Ubuntu Software from TAR File Via Terminal

Step-1: Copy tar file to home directory.
Step-2: Extract file right button click on file name and select 'Extract here'.
Step-3: Open Terminal by Ctrl + Alt + T
Step-4: Change directory to home/extractfilename/bin as below command.
cd extractfilename/bin
Replace your extract filename with extractfilname .
Step-5: Hit Enter
Step-6: Now look for a install or help text file (.txt) in extract folder. If there has then follow their instructions. If there is no instruction, then look for a shell file as in extractfilname→bin→

Step-7: Now run the following command to install.
and hit Enter. Then install your Ubuntu application manually.
Ubuntu application collection.
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