Learn how to install Notepadqq for Ubuntu.

In Windows Notepad++ is much popular to Web Developer for its attractive look and easy accessing. Who are launching on Ubuntu or Linux, try to get it but fail. There is alternative way to get it. Notepadqq is the best Notepad++ Linux alternative text editor. Same environment, same setting.
Install Notepad++ in Ubuntu/Linux Alternative Notepadqq
Install Notepad++ in Ubuntu/Linux Alternative Notepadqq

How to Install Notepadqq the Notepad++ Linux alternative text editor?

To install run the following command.

Step-1: Add repository.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:notepadqq-team/notepadqq
Paste the above copied command and enter to run. Enter your system password, that will not be shown. After entering password 'Enter' to permission. You will see the following figure.
Press Enter to Continue

Then press Enter from keyboard to continue.

Step-2: Update for Notepadqq Repository.

Paste the following copied command and Enter to next.
sudo apt-get update
Step-3: Install Notepadqq.

Paste the following command and enter to install. 
sudo apt-get install notepadqq
You will be asked for permission to continue. Type Y and press Enter to give permission.

After completing installation, go to Search bar at top corner icon and search for 'Notepadqq'. You will see an icon like below and click on to open the app.
Install Notepad ++ in Linux

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