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How to Install Gufw Firewall in Linux (Ubuntu, Linux Mint)

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Firewall is a network security that acts as a protection between a computer and network. You should must install firewall on your computer to keep secure your files and data, though it is highly recommended for multiple computer networking.
How to Install Gufw Firewall in Linux (Ubuntu, Linux Mint)

Gufw is one of the highest popular GUI base firewall configuration software for Linux.

How to install Gufw Firewall in Ubuntu:

Install using Software Center: Ubuntu Software Center → Ctrl + F → Search for 'Gufw' or 'Firewall Configuration' → Install
Or, Install Now
Install using Terminal: Open terminal by Ctrl + Alt + T and run the following command.
sudo apt-get install gufw

How to install Gufw Firewall in Linux Mint:

Install Now

How to customize Gufw Firewall:

After completing installation go to search bar and search for 'Gufw'. You will see an icon as below.
gufw icon in search bar
Click on icon to launch.
Next you will see a window as the following figure. This is default setting for Gufw Firewall in Linux.
Default Setting of Gufw Firewall
Default Setting of Gufw Firewall
You have to customize as below.

Profile Incoming Outgoing
Home Deny Allow
Office Deny Allow
Public Reject Allow

You have completed your Gufw Firewall installation.
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