Disqus is one of the greatest effective and beautiful comment platform and easy to put comment, discuss, reply, upload image and video. You can make up vote and down vote etc. Most of websites or blogs are using Disqus as comment plugin. So to comment we should an account on Disqus.

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How to Comment on Disqus and Create Account Instantly

To comment on Disqus just follow the steps are given below.

Step-1: Go to bottom of post where to comment and click on 'Start the discussion...'

Disqus Comment
Step-2: After clicking you will see like below.
How to log in Disqus

If you have already an account on Disqus, log in (Log in With Disqus Icon) with email and password, otherwise you have to create account. Don't worry. It is very easy to make it. You can create account in Disqus with your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Email instantly.

With Facebook click 'Log in With Facebook Icon' and give any password (Not facebook) as below.
Log in with Facebook, Twitter, Google in Disqus

And 'Sign Up' to finish.

Similarly you can create account instantly in Disqus with Twitter, Google Plus and Email.

Step-3: After signing up you will see the below and click on 'Start the Discussion'
and put your text and 'Post as.....' to comment.
You can also put image by dragging on 'Discussion Box' or uploading manually.

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