Verification of site ownership with Google by using meta tag is simple task. To verify follow the belows:
Verify Site Ownership with Google by Meta Tag

1. Go to Google site verification link (Webmaster Central)
2. Add a property
3. Enter your site/blog URL with http:// and continue.
4. You will see a link named "Verify using a different method". Click and choose "HTML tag". By choosing this you will get a meta tag and copy this.

Warning: Do not close this tab from your browser.

5. Now go to your blogger (index file), choose your blog and then Template->Edit HTML
6. Paste the copied meta tag just after <head> tag and save.

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7. Go to the tab, from where you have copied meta tag for "Google Site Verification" and click on "VERIFY" button.
8. It will show that your site has been verified.

If you have any problem to verify your site or blog with Google, just put a comment below, I will help you.

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