Making money online at home is introducing us with new sphere of livelihood without inauguration by which anybody can make his/her career as freelancing profession. There are a lot of professional topics to choose here.
how to make money online by posting

But blogging is the most effective and extended platform to make money and writing is the main power to continue it.

If you search on search engines (Google, Bing etc.), they will show a large number of searching results about how to make money online by blogging posts or writing articles at home. So it is critical tough to select the best platform to post your article and get paid. After discussing  about it with professional freelancing witters they suggest to choose Niume  for the many reasons.

But the best reasons why you should choose Niume

1. It is the world's first Collaborative Blogging Platform.
2. About 20 different spheres (Technology, Science, Lifestyle, Music, Business, Sport, Movies, Art, Humour, News, Food, Travel, Photography, Culture, Fashion, Literature, Games, Animals and Interesting) are available to choose the category and help instantly to reach the right audience for you.
3. You can track the reach and revenues for each of your post with your profile dashboard.
4. This Collaborative Blogging Platform helps the writers to be professional writer and blogger by providing excellent tips and tutorials.
5. Available strong community to help each other.
6. Niume provides donate option to writer by promoting "Support this creator".
7. No need to concept of any code. It is very dynamic Blogging Platform and decent outlook.
8. It has customizable profile for each writer so that others can subscribe to show the writers latest posts, message to the writer and many features what you got in social sites.

Some questions and answers about Niume

A. How will be I paid per 1,000 views?
You will be paid $1 per 1,000 views.

B. How will I receive payments?
To receive payments you have to a Paypal account.

C. When will I make payments?
When you will earn at least $10 you will be able to make payment.

D. How will I increase audience for my posts?
You have to follow Niume's content guides (Rich and qualify content, Keywords, Trending topic, Social share etc)

E. Need Support and Help from Niume?
Niume FAQs and Help

F. How to create a Niume account?

To create a professional Niume account follow the given instructions step by step.

Step-1:  Go to Niume and click 'Join Now'. You will see a pop registration box like below and fill up with your personal information, then click sign up.
How registration in Niume Collborative Blogging Platform
You can sign up with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Email. But the last one is recommended.

Step-2: Choose at least 3 spheres to join. After joined click 'Start'.

Step-3: Go to your name that shown top and click to edit your profile. You can edit your name, profile picture, cover picture.

Step-4: Now hover mouse cursor on and smoothly down mouse cursor and click on Settings. You will show the following editable information.
How Profile Setting in Niume
Set Your Profile: Account Info, Payments, Password, Email Management

Account Info: You can change your name and email.
Password: You can change your current password.
Profile info: Customize this as follow.
About You: Some information about you.
   Facebook :
   Twitter :
   Instagram :
   Website :
   Birthday:  your birth date and then save.

Payment Details: Enter your paypal email here.
Email Management: Management your email like notification via email.

You have completed your account.
G. How will I create post or article?
Click on "Create a Post" and before writing you should must read content guidelines which is given below editor.

H. Have referral system to increase my revenue ?
Yes. You can increase your revenue by referring. You will get $1 per user who registered by your referral link. But the condition is, this user have to at least one post or article.

I. Where is my referral link?
Go to help→Revenues→What is my personal referral link? You will see your referral link. You can share this link anywhere.

So dears, lets start to write a post on Niume and get paid. ☺

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