GCC is for GNU Compiler Collection that is a compiler system produced by GNU Project supporting various programming languages like C, C++ etc. If you want to compile C code on your operating system, you need to install GCC.

Install GCC on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

I thought you have just launched on Ubuntu and have fallen in problem to compile C file.If you didn't install gcc, don't be worry ! Just copy the below commands, paste on your terminal and ENTER step by step:
How Do Install GCC/G++ Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Step-1: Open your terminal by Ctrl + Alt + T or from search box by typing Terminal.  
Step-2: Now run (copy, paste and hit Enter from your keyboard) the following command (one by one) on your terminal. Internet connection must be available on your PC in this time.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get instal gcc-4.9  
Now you can see that which version you have installed on your system. To check this put and run the following command
gcc --version

Install G++ on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Just copy the command and run on your terminal.
sudo apt-get install g++
Now check which version of G++ you have installed.
gcc --version
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