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Install HTTrack in Ubuntu and Download Website

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HTTrack is a program to copy a website in your computer. You can download any web page by using this program.This tutorial will show you how to use httrack on Ubuntu via terminal.
Today we will learn how to install HTTrack in Ubuntu by using terminal. 

How to install HTTrack on Ubuntu/Linux:

First, open your terminal from search bar 'Terminal' or from keyboard Ctrl+Alt+T

First, you need to check and update. To do this run the following command and install which is needed.
sudo apt-get update 
To install type or copy the following Ubuntu httrack command line and press Enter button.
sudo apt-get install httrack 
To complete installation you have to punch your Ubuntu password and then enter to permit. In installation, you will be asked to install this program and you have to press 'Y' from your keyboard.
Now you have installed HTTrack program successfully. Now you are ready to download a website on your computer.
Install HTTrack in Ubuntu and Download Website

How to download website using HTTrack on Ubuntu:

Open terminal, write httrack and which webpage/website you want to download, put the URL after httrack with a space like the following instruction. Suppose, we want to copy www.compromath.com, then we have to put the following command and press Enter button.
httrack www.compromath.com 
After completing copy, now you will be puzzled in which directory you have downloaded this site. Don't worry. Just go home directory and look for a folder named the website which you have selected to copy/download. Then you will found a folder contained with HTML file and enjoy !

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