Advance but easy tips and tricks about how can get exact information by Google Search Engine in short time Full Tutorial:

Obviously Google is the largest Tech-Giant in the whole world. There is no doubt abut this. Today we are using many product of Google Inc. such as Gmail, Play store, Google Drive, Blogger etc. But Google Search Engine has made Google to reach todays position. Now we will discuss some advance but easy tips and tricks about Google Search Engine that will help us to find exact information from more than million billion website.
Become Expert in Google Search Engine

I hope that there is no need anew to introduce basic of Google Search Engine. I will describe about only advance but easy tips and tricks. Let's go !!!

You have to know which two tips before learning advance Google search:

1. Automatic Check Spelling:

First you should mind that if you enter wrong spell in Google Search bar, it's not matter of worries because check spelling in Google is done automatically and easily. It shows some suggestion from where you can select correct spell.

2. Capitalization No fact:

If you input upper case letter where you should use lower case or lower case letter where you should use upper case, for that you don't need to be upset. You can use any of them to find your desired information because Google Search Engine doesn't effect on capitalization.

How get exact words in Google search:

In search bar you have to put your desired word in double quotes. Suppose you want to search Computer Fundamental, then you have to write

“Computer Fundamental” 

in Google Search bar. This method provide you to get exact information in short time.

How to get exact file such as PDF, DOC, PPT for download:

Often we need some documentary file such as pdf, doc/docs/, ppt etc. To get this access you have to put headline of your file name and write after if filetype:file name extension.

Example: If you want to find pdf file whose headline is C++ Tutorial, you have to put just  
C++ Tutorial filetype:pdf 
Thats enough to Google Search Engine Similarly you can get Microsoft Word file by doc, Microsoft Excel by xls, Microsoft Power-point file by ppt, Adobe post script by ps etc.

How to get alternative words in Google Search Engine:

When we search some data or information in Google Search Engine, sometime we have worked with alternative words. In website mayn't have exact word but in this circumstance we have alternative way to work another words. To get this access we have to type OR between all the words which we want. 
Bread OR Sandwich. 
After input this Google Search Engine will show results of Bread or sandwich. If there have result of Bread to show from this website, it will show this, otherwise it will show us about sandwich.

How to avoid fixed words in Google Search Engine:

Sometime we need to avoid some words which we don't want that Search engine would show this boring word. Example if we want to avoid Sex or Adult , Porn etc in search option, we have to write a minus sign just before words which we don't want like below: 
-Sex, -Adult, -Porn.

How to search in specific site:

To search in fixed site (like ) or if you want to limit your results just follow the following method.

Search Engine Tips
Here we have selected site to find the topics on "Search Engine Tips".

How to find similar site in Google Search Engine:

Example: Finding similar site like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon etc can be get by using the following method in your Google search button.