Thursday, February 15, 2018

How to Write Bengali on Facebook Comment

Now it is very easy to write in Bengali on Facebook through Computer, Android Phone.
If you are using Android Smart Phone, It is a very common problem to write the comment, post, message on Facebook in Bengali.

Not having installed a Keyboard on your device that supports Bengali typing is the main reason for which you can't write on Facebook Comment.

Write Bengali on Facebook
If you are using Computer you have to install Bengali Keyboard Software.
If you are using Android device, you have to install Bengali Keyboard Apps from Google Play Store.
  • Ridmik
  • Bijoy
  • Mayabi
  • Google Indic Keyboard
2 Steps to Write Bengali on Facebook Comment, Post:
  1. Install the Bengali Keyboard
  2. Launch the Keyboard
  3. Switch the mode in 'Bengali'/ 'অভ্র' 
  4. Write in Bengali
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