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Earn 50 - 100 USD Per Month From Neobux by Clicking

If you want to earn money from just clicking and referring from PTC (Paid To Click) then NEOBUX is the most trusted site. It has been doing business with advertisers and members since 9 years  with the highest satisfaction.
Neobux Earning Tutorial

The 5 reasons why you should work in NEOBUX

1. No scam and trusted by million members and partnership with Payza
2. Instant payment through Payza (I have received in 1 minute).
3. Make payment when you reach $2 USD
4. Direct and Rented referrals
5. Active customer support
6. Active Forum

Payment Method: Paypal, Payza, NETELLER and Skrill.

Payment Proof: Yesterday I have made a payment from Neobux to show payment proof. 
Payment proof of Neobux

Revenues per day

Beginning you revenue will be little amount. You will get 16-20 ads to click. Instead of clicking every ads you will earn 20 X 0.001 = 0.02 USD per day and 0.6 USD per month. But don’t be upset. Beside 0.02 USD you will also get 20 coins by which you can use them to increase the rented days for your rented referrals (discuss latter).

Increase revenues 0.6 USD to 50 USD per month

To increase your revenues you need to upgrade your membership ‘General’ to ‘Golden Membership’ with $90 USD for a year. But before doing this if you don’t want to invest from your money, you have to wait to reach the amount by earning and if you want to invest then increase your referrals so that you can get more revenues. See the following chart to know the advantages of being Golden membership.
Advantage of golden membership in neobux
After upgrading you will get 0.2 USD (for your click) + 0.2 USD (For per referral)  per day.

If you don’t want to invest then follow the instructions:
  • Click daily and full month. In the end of month you will get 0.6 USD and 600 points on your account.
  • Rent 3 referrals with 0.6 USD and try to increase direct referrals from blog, social site through your referral link.
  • Before ending the month you have to extend days for your rented referral and extend with points for 30 days.
  • Click continue and must from 00.01 to 23.50 time. If you don’t click one day you will not get revenues from your referrals.
  • If you can manage 10 active referrals you monthly income will be (0.02 x 11) X 30 = 6.6 USD.
  • Don’t make payment before reaching 100 USD. Rent more referrals (30) with (6 USD) your revenues. Then your monthly income will be 18.6 USD (For you and your rented referral) + amount for your direct referrals. Again rent more referrals. Within 3 months you can hope for minimum 40-50 USD.  But the duration would be decreased if invest before earning.

Increase revenues 50 USD to 100 USD per month

6. Whenever you will reach 100 USD, don’t wait to upgrade your membership to Golden. After upgrading try to increase direct referrals. I assure, your revenues will be above 100 USD per month.

How to create account in Neobux properly

How to create account in neobux ptc
1. Go to Neobux and choose ‘Register’
2. Fill the form properly

User-name: Give your user name. Example: John34, Robin45 etc.
Password: Give a strong password for Neobux account.
Password Confirmation: Retype your password.
Email: Give your email address here to verify.
Payza/Paypal/Skrill Email: Give your email of Payza/Paypal/Skrill.
Referrer: Type ElliyasCSE to sign up with my reference.
Birth Year: Put your birth year.
Verification Code: Put the captcha code what shown left.

And check the box and continue.

3. You will get an email and click the instructed link to verify your Neobux account.

How to click on ads in Neobux

  • Now you are ready to click on ads and earn.
  • Go to ‘View Advertisement’ to click on ads.
  • Clicking single you will see a red dot on ads and again click on just red dot.
  • You will redirected to another tab.
  • Wait until completing the cycle of ‘O’ to be green. When you will see ‘Your advertisement is valid’ cross the button.
  • Try again for next ads.

Don’t this on Neobux

  • Creating another account from same IP/ Computer.
  • Clicking on ads from another account from same IP/ Computer.
  • Clicking before server time.

Earn extra Coin and Money in Neobux

You can earn extra coins and money by doing mini-jobs like viewing videos, installing applications etc. But I don’t recommend those.
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