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How to Install Latest PyCharm Edu in Ubuntu from Terminal

PyCharm Edu is a popular, free and open source IDE for Python programming language. The latest version PyCharm Edu 3.5 has been released on January 26, 2017.
How to Install  Latest PyCharm Edu in Ubuntu from Terminal
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Whats new on PyCharm 3.5?

System requirements:

You have need the following system requirements to install PyCharm Edu on your Linux/Ubuntu.
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1024x768
  • RAM: Minimum 1GB (But recommended 2GB)
  • JDK: OpenJDK 1.7+ Or Oracle JRE 1.6+
Install: Before installing PyCharm Edu you need to download tar file from here.
Then follow the below steps.
Step-1: Copy the downloaded tar file to home directory.
Step-2: Extract file right button click on file name and select 'Extract here'.
Step-3: Open Terminal by Ctrl + Alt + T
Step-4: Change directory to home/pycharm-edu-3.5/bin as below command.
cd pycharm-edu-3.5/bin
Step-5: Hit Enter
Step-6: Now run the following command to install.
and hit Enter. Then install your Ubuntu application manually.

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If you need more information about installation Ubuntu software from tar file, read this.
How to start on PyCharm 3/3.5?

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